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The Department of Instrumentation began functioning in the college in 1999 with an intake of 24 students. Since its inception, department is producing good results. BSc instrumentation programme is one such course in science stream under CUCBSS scheme of the University of Calicut. Nemmara, being a socially and economically weak area through this course we are giving an ample opportunity to the students to avail a course almost equal to B Tech structure. This aided course helps the students from backward area to utilize the advantageous of professional type course. This restructured undergraduate science course provides students with a broad-based exposure to the critical domains of sciences with adequate background of mathematical sciences. The tools and techniques of computer applications, modern instrumentation, electronics and analytical techniques have a major role in curriculum. The open courses offered ensure adequate exposure to global and local concerns that explore the many aspects of societal relevance in environmental science .It also gives opportunity to explore the multidisciplinary nature of science.  Instrumentation is the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area. Course includes Digital and Analogue Electronics, Principles of Programmable Systems, Introduction to Computer Architecture, Introduction to Network Technologies, Mechanical Principles, Engineering Materials, Applied Mathematics, Profession Practice, and Electronic Product Design. The course is career orienting in nature that opens many scopes after its completion.



Instrumentation & Process Control Lab:
Microprocessor & Microcontroller Interfacing lab:


Santhipriya G
Assistant Professor & HoD

Aiswarya M
Assistant Professor

Sanal Kumar S
Assistant Professor
M.Tech,M.Sc.(APsy) DIIM