Tutorial & Internal Exam Committee

The Examination Committee, as the apex body of the College, operates under the able leadership of the Coordinator, comprising three integral sections: Examination, Record Maintenance, and Administration. Beyond its fundamental responsibility of conducting examinations and publishing results, the Committee undertakes a range of crucial functions to ensure the seamless and fair administration of the examination process. It meticulously plans and designs examination schedules, adhering to academic standards and regulations, while also employing secure and reliable assessment methods. The Committee rigorously maintains records and archives related to examinations, guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of the examination system. In addition, it is dedicated to resolving any examination-related grievances and providing support and guidance to both students and faculty throughout the examination period. With a commitment to excellence, the Examination Committee plays a central role in upholding academic rigor and credibility, contributing significantly to the overall academic reputation and advancement of the institution.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Zereena Viji

Aiswarya M
Smt. Jesitha J
Sri. Sreekumar P.G.
Smt. Deepthi I
Sri. Rajeesh P
Smt. Remya P
Smt. Syamala M.
Smt. Santhi Priya. S.