College Union and Arts Club

 The college union operates in accordance with the University of Calicut’s norms and regulations. Every year, the students elect the union based on the recommendations of the Lyngdoh committee. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Magazine Editor, General Captain, Arts Club Secretary, and two UUC make up the student body. The election is held in accordance with the parliamentary system. The union organizes many student activities on campus. Every year, the college union hosts an arts festival. The college union plays an integral role in arranging various extracurricular and cultural events.

College union 2023-24

Chairman Gautham Unni K M II BSC Physics
Vice Chairperson Vishnu Priya P I BA Malayalam
General Secretary Arjun Raj. J II BBA
Joint Secretary Thejuswini. P II BA English
UUC Smijindas. S II BA Economics
UUC Shyni. S I BBA
Fine Arts Secretary Brijith. B II BSC Mathematics
General Captain Kiran II BSC Chemistry
Magazine Editor Akash. G II BSC Zoology