Film Club

The Film Club endeavors to foster a deeper appreciation for the artistic nuances of cinema and its significance as a popular entertainment medium. Through its regular screenings of diverse cinematic works, including artistic cinema, documentaries, and short films, the club exposes students to a wide array of cinematic expressions and storytelling techniques. Emphasizing the informal and interactive nature of its events, the club provides a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions, critiques, and analyses of the films, encouraging a deeper understanding of the medium’s socio-cultural impact and artistic value. The club actively collaborates with film professionals, directors, and industry experts to organize interactive sessions and workshops, offering students unique insights into the behind-the-scenes processes of filmmaking and storytelling. By cultivating a dynamic film-watching community, the Film Club not only enriches students’ cultural experiences but also promotes critical thinking, creativity, and an informed appreciation of cinema as a powerful form of expression and communication.

Co-ordinator: Smt. Suvarnalakshmi V

Dr. Asha Bharathan
Dr. Suja P
Smt. Maya N. Menon
Dr. Haripadmam P. C.
Sri. Sreekumar P.G.
Smt. Jesitha J
Dr. Murukesh. S