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The Department of Chemistry had a humble beginning in 1967 with  pre-degree classes affiliated to the University of Calicut. The Department had a systematic growth as evidenced from the fact that B.Sc Chemistry course was launched in 1971 with physics and mathematics as subsidiary subjects and M.Sc Chemistry was started in 2013. The department admits 24 candidates every year for B.Sc. and 12 for M.Sc. Bsc chemistry course is under the Choice Based Credit Semester System with 6 semesters including an open course paper in 5th semester and a small project work.   The four-semester M.Sc. Chemistry course is designed to provide a strong foundation in chemistry besides giving a sound exposure to advanced topics. The course consists of 12 compulsory theory papers, three elective theory paper, six practical papers, one viva and a project. The department provided an open course Chemistry in Daily Life for the students from other departments. Chemistry is a subsidiary paper for physics, botany and zoology BSc courses. The Department is actively involved in projects and has completed several projects funded by external agencies such as UGC and KSCSTE. The Department library has a collection of over 1500 books. The Department is proud of its prestigious alumni worked in various colleges, schools, banks and many other sectors. From its inception the Department has maintained excellent academic record and is highly acclaimed for the performance of its students and teachers alike. The faculty of chemistry has not only given emphasis to academic excellence but has also taken initiatives to promote students to pursue higher education. Apart from the academic activities, the Department is also keenly involved in projects and extension activities. The department has 4 permanent teachers with PhD and 4 Guest Faculties. Two of them also have PhD. The department possesses sophisticated instruments which include UV-vis Spectrophotometer, Vapour Phase Reactor, Photo reactor, Sonicator, Cooling Centrifuge, etc.



UG Chemistry Lab
PG Chemistry Lab

Chemistry, being an experimental science, demands testing theories through practical laboratory experiences for a thorough understanding of the subject.

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Course pattern: All courses offered in the first two semesters are core courses. The instruction hours per week and number of credits of these courses are given in Table 1. Examination of the theor

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Dr. Ambili V. K.
Assistant Professor & HoD
M.Sc, NET (JRF) B.Ed, Ph.D, SET

Dr. Priya S.
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, NET (JRF), SET, B. Ed, Ph.D

Dr. Asha Bharathan
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, PhD

Dr. Anoop S Nair
Assistant Professor
M. Phil, PhD,NET

Guest Lecturer
M. Sc. NET

Dr. Viji M
Guest Lecturer
M. Sc.,PhD

Anumol P
Guest Lecturer

Dr. Haripriya M.
Guest Lecturer
Msc, Ph.D