Discipline Committee

The Disciplinary Committee serves as a paramount authority in addressing matters of discipline within the organizational framework. Its core purpose revolves around administering disciplinary actions when warranted, primarily concerning instances of gross misconduct, fraud, poor performance, or related transgressions. Upholding the principles of fairness and due process, the committee conducts thorough investigations, ensuring that disciplinary measures are commensurate with the severity of the offense. In addition to its adjudicative role, the committee assumes a proactive stance by continuously evaluating existing disciplinary policies and procedures, proposing pertinent changes and improvements to the Board when deemed necessary.

Smt. Thulasi K.A. – (Principal-in-Charge)
Co-ordinator: Smt. Syamala M

Dr. Ambili V.K.
Sri. Suresh babu
Dr. Priya S.
Smt. Aiswarya. M.
Dr. Sunil Kumar S.
Dr. Suja P
Dr. Zereena Viji
Smt. Suvarnalekshmi. V.