Digital & Website Committee

Digital and website committee undertakes the multifaceted responsibility of managing and maintaining the website’s content, meticulously curating and upholding its quality to meet the institution’s high standards. Additionally, the committee ensures the administration of the website’s system and features, implementing cutting-edge technologies and ensuring seamless functionality. Through their assiduous efforts, the committee remains steadfast in elevating the website as an informative, user-friendly, and dynamic hub, reflective of the institution’s commitment to digital excellence and seamless communication. Their dedication ensures that the website stands as an authoritative resource and interactive gateway that enriches the academic experience and fosters meaningful engagement with the institution’s diverse community.

Co-ordinator: Smt. Maya N. Menon

Sri. Madhavadas. M.
Sri. Sanalkumar S
Sri. Rajeesh P.
Sri. Sreekumar P.G.
Dr. Anoop S. Nair