Women Cell

The establishment of the Women’s Cell at the institution was undertaken with a profound vision of cultivating a climate of positive self-esteem and unwavering confidence among the female community. The core objective revolves around equipping women to embrace responsibility, both towards themselves and the society they inhabit. A paramount focus lies in empowering them through heightened awareness of women’s rights, as well as nurturing their leadership abilities to become catalysts for change. Moreover, the Women’s Cell aspires to foster a sense of solidarity and mutual support among women, creating a vibrant network of encouragement and upliftment. By promoting a culture of inclusivity and gender equity, the Women’s Cell aims to contribute significantly to the holistic development of the entire community, thereby igniting a transformative and progressive path towards gender equality and societal enrichment. Through its tireless endeavors, the Women’s Cell seeks to inspire women to assert their agency, advocate for their rights, and break barriers, emerging as empowered agents of positive change in both personal and collective spheres.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Lekshmi. R. Chandran

Smt. Thulasi K.A.
Smt. Jothilakshmi. E
Smt. Aiswarya. M
Dr. Suja. P.
Smt. Maya N. Menon
Dr. Haripadmam P.C.
Smt. Ramya. P
Dr. Geetha G. Nair