College Council

The College Council comprises the Principal, Heads of Department for each academic discipline, two staff members elected by the faculty, and the Administrative Staff Head of the College Office. The Principal serves as the ex-officio President of the Council, and the Council appoints one of its members as the Secretary, who holds the position for one year and may be re-elected.
The general administration of the college falls under the Principal’s jurisdiction, subject to oversight by the Director of Collegiate Education. Some administrative tasks, such as those related to the library, athletics, building maintenance, and grounds upkeep, may be delegated by the Principal to Council members, with their work being closely supervised.
The Council has the authority to discuss and make recommendations on matters related to accommodation, curriculum, and disciplinary rules that are referred to it by the Principal. However, it should refrain from interfering in the general management of the college, which is the responsibility of the Principal under the guidance of the Director of Collegiate Education.
The Council typically makes decisions regarding student promotions, term certificates, and scholarships. Cases of severe student misconduct, leading to the loss of term certificates or expulsion from the college, are generally addressed by the Principal, often in consultation with the College Council.
Council meetings are scheduled as needed, with the Principal having the authority to call meetings. Additionally, the Director of Collegiate Education can request a meeting, and if at least two-thirds of the members submit a written request, a meeting must be convened. Members are usually given at least three days’ notice of a meeting, along with an accompanying agenda.
The Secretary is responsible for notifying Council members of meetings, recording meeting proceedings, and forwarding a copy of the minutes to the Director of Collegiate Education through the Principal.

Current Office Bearers:

1. Smt.K A.Thulasi (Principal-in-Charge)

2. Dr. Geethakumary K. (Secretary)

3. Smt,Jayalakshmi A

4.Shri. Suresh Babu P

5.Smt. Sreeja G

6.Dr.Lakshmi R Chandran

7.Dr Zareena Viji

8.Shri.Madhavas M

9.Shri. Vijesh Venugopal

10.Smt.Santhipriya G

11.Dr. Suja P

12.Smt.Deepthi I

13.Shri. Ranjith Kumar A

14.Dr.Ambili V K

15.Dr.Sunilkumar S