Human Rights Awareness Forum

The Human Rights Advocacy Forum (HRAF) operates with a core mission of fostering awareness and advocacy for human rights, championing the cause of the most marginalized and vulnerable groups within society. Through its concerted efforts, the forum seeks to illuminate the plight of individuals and communities facing systemic discrimination and human rights violations, thereby galvanizing collective action to address these pressing issues. Emphasizing education and empowerment, the forum conducts workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, aiming to cultivate a culture of human rights consciousness and social responsibility among diverse stakeholders. Through its multifaceted initiatives, HRAF emerges as a formidable force, steadfastly advocating for a world where human rights are universally recognized, respected, and upheld, and where the most vulnerable are empowered to assert their rights and dignity.

Co-ordinator: Sri. Renjith Kumar A.

Smt. Santhipriya G
Dr. Chaithanya U
Smt. Deepthi I
Sri. Rajeesh P
Smt. Jothilekshmi E
Dr. Ambili V. K.
Sri. Madhavadas M