Red Ribbon Club & Blood Donor’s Forum

The Blood Donors Forum of the College serves as a vital custodian of a comprehensive database, meticulously recording the blood groups of dedicated volunteers and esteemed faculty members. With unwavering dedication, the Forum plays a role in fostering a culture of voluntary blood donation among the college’s vibrant student body and esteemed staff. Through informative workshops, awareness campaigns, and motivational initiatives, the Forum actively encourages individuals to partake in this noble act of humanitarian service, emphasizing the profound impact of blood donation in saving lives and alleviating human suffering. In synergy with the Forum’s endeavors, the Red Ribbon Club spearheads a dedicated awareness campaign that specifically targets the young demographic, cultivating a deeper understanding of blood donation as an altruistic and sacred endeavor. By engendering a sense of responsibility and compassion, the Blood Donors Forum and Red Ribbon Club synergistically contribute to a vibrant and compassionate community, fostering a collective commitment to saving lives and advocating for the common good.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Ambili V.K.

Smt. Santhi Priya G
Sri. Sanalkumar S.
Sri. Rajeesh P
Dr. Anoop S. Nair
Sri. Ranjith Kumar A
Dr. Salini V