Library Committee

The Library Advisory Committee assumes a pivotal role in guiding and shaping policy matters concerning an array of essential aspects, including library services, resources, and facilities. Serving as a strategic platform, the committee offers a conducive environment for the generation and exchange of innovative initiatives, aimed at optimizing the provision of library and information services. By fostering a collaborative discourse between the Library and the community it serves, the committee ensures that the library’s offerings align effectively with the evolving needs and aspirations of its patrons. In addition to policy formulation, the committee actively engages in critically evaluating the efficacy of existing library services and resources, seeking opportunities for enhancement and expansion. It endeavors to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive library environment that promotes equitable access to information and knowledge for all members of the academic community. By advocating for the prudent allocation of resources and strategic investments, the Library Advisory Committee plays a major role in strengthening the institution’s commitment to intellectual exploration and scholarly growth.

Co-ordinator: Sri. Sreekumar P.G

Sri. Rajeesh P
Smt. Suvarnalakshmi. V
Smt. Maya N. Menon
Dr. Murukesh. S
Smt. Ramya. P
Dr. Lekshmi R Chandran
Smt. Jesitha. J