IQAC Members

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) plays a pivotal role in cultivating a pervasive culture of quality within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Its primary focus lies in institutionalizing and internalizing various initiatives with the aid of both internal and external support. The IQAC serves as a robust mechanism to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of these endeavors, fostering continuous improvement and excellence in academic pursuits. One of the key functions of the IQAC is to establish a systematic framework for quality enhancement by developing and implementing policies, guidelines, and best practices. It spearheads the formulation of strategic plans and quality benchmarks, aligning them with the institution’s overall vision and mission. By promoting a culture of self-assessment and evaluation, the IQAC instills a sense of ownership and accountability among all stakeholders, including faculty, students, and administrative staff.

Chairperson: Smt Thulasi K.A (Principal-in-Charge)
Management Representative: Educational Secretary, N.S.S. Colleges’ Central Committee, Changanacherry
Co-ordinator: Dr. Sreedevi N Kutty (Dept. of Zoology)

Faculty Members:
Dr. Lekshmi R. Chandran (Zoology Dept.)
Sri. Sanal Kumar S. (Instrumentation Dept.)
Sri. Vijesh Venugopal (Commerce Dept.)
Dr. Ambili V K (Chemistry Dept.)
Dr. Chaithanya U. (Commerce Dept.)
Sri. Sreekumar P.G. (Commerce Dept.)
Dr. Priya S. (Chemistry Dept.)
Administrative Officer: Sri. K. Manikandan (Superintendent)
External Members: 
Union Chairman
Sheshadri Nadan C
Kasim S
T Valsala
Omana Murukan