Grievance and Redressal Cell

The primary aim of this cell is to instill a culture of responsiveness, accountability, and courtesy among college officials in their interactions with students. Its overarching goal is to ensure the effective resolution of student grievances through an impartial and fair approach. Beyond this, the cell assumes the crucial responsibility of attentively examining and adjudicating complaints lodged by any student, judiciously assessing their merits. In addition to its adjudicative role, the cell actively engages in promoting proactive measures to prevent grievances, fostering an environment where students feel empowered to voice their concerns freely. Through its endeavors, the cell strives to foster a harmonious and constructive relationship between college officials and students, fostering an inclusive and supportive educational community.

Chairman: Smt. Thulasi K.A. – (Principal-in-Charge)

Dr. Rekha. P.S.
Sri. Suresh Babu P.
Sri. Madhavadas M.
Sri. Vijesh Venugopal
Smt. Omana (Member of Panchayath)
College Union Representatives

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