UGC Committee

The committee assumes a pivotal role in delineating and upholding the benchmarks of excellence in teaching, examination, and research within universities. Its multifaceted responsibilities encompass the formulation of comprehensive regulations pertaining to the minimum standards of education across academic disciplines. Additionally, the committee diligently monitors and analyzes advancements in the realms of collegiate and university education, identifying emerging trends and best practices to ensure the continual enhancement of the educational landscape. Another crucial facet of its purview involves the judicious allocation and disbursement of grants to universities and colleges, fostering a supportive financial ecosystem that encourages innovation and scholarly pursuits. Moreover, the committee actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including educators, researchers, policymakers, and the academic community, to engender a dynamic and forward-thinking educational system. Through its strategic vision and unwavering commitment, the committee plays an instrumental role in shaping the educational future, promoting academic excellence, and nurturing an inclusive and progressive learning environment.

Smt. Thulasi K.A. – (Principal-in-Charge)
Co-ordinator: Dr. Ambili V.K. (Chemistry Dept)

Smt. Shyamala M. (Commerce Dept)
Dr. Geethakumary. K. (Malayalam Dept)
Sri. Madhavadas M. (Mathematics Dept)