With its official song ‘Hum Sab Bhartiya Hai’, and the motto of ‘Unity and Discipline’ the National Cadet Corps plays an essential  role in shaping the character of students by instilling the values of patriotism, service, discipline and hard work and transformation them from ordinary individuals into responsible, patriotic citizens. The NCC unit of this college is an elite category comprising of select number of young women with specific skill sets. The National Cadet Corps is a voluntary organization, which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades.

Brief History

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a voluntary organization operating under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, with the Defence Secretary at the helm, providing students with opportunities for military training and social service, while refraining from imposing any obligation for active military duty. After independence, the present day NCC came into existence on 16 Apr 1948, through XXXI Act of Parliament. NCC was formally inaugurated on 15 Jul 1948. The Girls Division of the NCC was raised in Jul 1949. On 01 Apr 1950, Air Wing was raised, with one Air Squadron each at Bombay and Kolkata. The Naval Wing of the NCC was raised in Jul 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corps. As a transformative platform, the NCC aims to foster the development of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, fitness, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and sportsmanship among the youth, instilling in them the values and attributes of exemplary citizenship. Moreover, it aspires to nurture a cadre of organized, trained, and motivated young individuals, poised to assume leadership roles in diverse spheres of life, including the armed forces, and ever-ready to serve the nation. By building a reserve of potential officers, the NCC contributes to the expansion of the country’s Defence services during times of national emergency. Cadets’ involvement entails attending weekly parades, annual camps, and maintaining a minimum two-year membership in the NCC, while those aspiring for B & C certificates engage in additional parades. Cadets obtaining the C certificate, coupled with a university degree, are eligible for direct commissioning in the army, navy, and air force through the Service Selection Board (SSB), bypassing the UPSC examination. Moreover, they benefit from a weightage of marks during higher education admissions, exemplifying the NCC’s commitment to fostering a skilled and responsible youth cadre for the nation’s betterment. The college has an excellent N.C.C.unit.

Motto of NCC

Unity and Discipline (Ekta aur Anushasan)

DG’s four Cardinal Principals of Discipline

  1. Obey with a smile
  2. Be Punctual
  3. Work hard and without fuss
  4. Make no excuses and tell no lies

Major. SURESH BABU P (Department of Economics)