Nadam Club

The NADAM Malayalam Club, established by the Department of Malayalam, serves as a platform dedicated to nurturing students’ literary and linguistic skills. By engaging in a diverse array of activities, such as literary discussions, poetry recitals, storytelling sessions, and cultural events, the club actively cultivates an appreciation for the richness and depth of the Malayalam language and its literary heritage. The club strives to instill a sense of cultural pride and awareness among students, enabling them to embrace and celebrate the unique identity and traditions of Kerala. Through its transformative initiatives, the NADAM Malayalam Club not only enriches students’ linguistic and literary competence but also imbues them with a profound understanding of human values and cultural heritage, of Kerala,equipping them to become compassionate and culturally sensitive citizens contributing to the advancement of society.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Geethakumary K.

Dr. Suja P
Dr. Murukesh S